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Throughout the video, we are cutting out the term chart junk in all IEEE papers. To create our corpus of papers, we used the following search terms in IEEE Xplore:

("Full Text & Metadata":"chart junk") OR ("Full Text & Metadata":chartjunk) OR ("Document Title":"chart junk") OR ("Document Title":chartjunk)
 Filters Applied: Journals

Note how the spelling of chartjunk also needs maintenance. tsk tsk.

This query produced in 28 results, from which we removed 4 because they were book reviews.

For printing and cutting the papers, we collated all the documents and then ran an Adobe script to highlight and extract pages with the terms:

We did this so that we would not waste more paper than necessary.

The Adobe script resulted in 84 extracted pages. These pages are the pages you see being cut. It was only after 45 minutes of cutting the term out of the papers did we notice duplicates.

On this site you will find the 52 non-duplicated papers. We invite you to use these papers as madlib templates. What are better terms one can use to say the same thing? There is one chartjunk that we accidentally forgot to cut. Can you help us find it?

Watch Derya cut all the pages up

To see the artifacts from the page cutting click here